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You know it’s not even about kissing her. No matter how many times I think about it. It focuses more on the nuclear explosions blowing up in the deepest parts of my chest and how my stomach churns slowly and softly when she looks into my eyes. I’ve never had such irregular heart beats. It’s never been about physical attraction with her either. It’s so much more than that. I’m not a complete disaster when she’s around. The fact that I can feel actual happiness with her says more than any poem ever will. When I’m around her, it’s like I am alive. Again. And I can breathe normally. Well sorta. Only if I have time to take a deep enough breath, because well frankly, she kinda takes my breath away. I can’t help it…but thoughts of her eyes make mine water because I have never seen beauty like that in my entire existence. But truthfully, it’s always been her smile. The way it makes my hands shake and my knees weak. I freeze up so quickly. When she starts to talk I’m hearing what she’s saying but sometimes I don’t even comprehend it because I’m so mesmerized by such an elegant smile.

I’m always going to be here, even if I’m not. I’m always going want to tell her how beautiful she is. But, for now I will continue waiting patiently until courage lights our way.

By If I die before I wake, my heart it is I yearn for you to take (Jayda Mane)